Introduction to wood species


Walnut wood is a fine-grained hardwood that is strong, stable and shock resistant. It polishes to a very smooth finish, making it ideal for furniture making and carving. The wood ranges in colour from light to dark brown to chocolate brown. 


Maple wood is harder than most woods. It is popular for its light, creamy color, smooth grain pattern, and impressive durability.


Cherry wood is one of the most prized hardwood. It is easy to work with, stains and finishes well with just oil, and ages beautifully. It has a smooth, closed grain pattern and reddish-brown colour to it. 


Poplar is a medium-density wood with low bending, shock resistance, and stiffness. It has a straight, uniform grain, with a medium texture and generally inlight cream to yellowish brown colour.

VG Fir

Vertical Grain Fir is a tight-knotted and close-grained wood. It has a rosy tint, and comes in varying degrees of red, pink or yellow tones. It darkens and reddens over time when exposed to light.

Red/ White Oak

Oak wood is highly durable, easy to work with, and looks great stained or with a clear, natural finish.


Hickory is heavy, hard, strong, and shock resistant, but flexible with a coarse and straight grain.